Taking a journey in time, we see many dedicated men and women who have volunteered their time and expertise to help our small business clients. We have sponsored meetings and seminars on industrial development, international trade, women-owned business development, hundreds of business workshops covering business topics ranging from marketing to accounting to business plan development and implementation.

Wichita is know as the AIR CAPITAL of the WORLD. We are the home base of entrepreneurs like

  • Walter Beech (BEECH AIRCRAFT),
  • Clyde Cessna (CESSNA AIRCRAFT),
  • Bill Lear (LEAR JET),
  • Boeing Aircraft, and
  • William Coleman (Coleman Company).

These are companies they started in their garages and are now selling billions of dollars of high tech air planes and recreational camping equipment, these are companies that were involved in the support of War II and the American family.

When you think of aircraft such as Boeing 747, Lear Jet, Cessna Citation, Beech Stagger Wing you think of Wichita.

We are proud to say many of our counselors are retired engineers, operations people, accountants, and managers of the above outstanding airplane and manufacturing companies. We would like to thank those men and women of which some have passed on, who unselfishly gave their time and energy in helping our Wichita companies succeed and grow.