Cyber Security Strategy: National Workshop December 7, 2022, 12:00pm CST December 7, 2022, 1:00pm CST

Cybersecurity starts at the top; with commitment, you have the most comprehensive Cybersecurity strategy and protocols available.

You work hard, but so do hackers! In this live webinar, we'll explore key strategic plans and recommendations to achieve a cybersecurity protocol for you and your company.

By incorporating the pillars of cyber protection identified by NIST, we show you how to build an enterprise-level Cybersecurity posture.

NIST- Pillars of the National Institute of Standards & Technology.

  • Pillar #1: Deploy protection technologies
  • Pillar #2: Deploy detection technologies

We offer comprehensive and modern enterprise-grade security technology to assist you in your Cybersecurity challenge.

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Our Presenter, Peter Durand:

In 1996, Peter Durand started his role as one of our founding partners and Chief Technology Officer. Peter's purpose is to provide education and remain the most competitive and comprehensive program available to SMBs!

Key Topics

Cyber Security Strategy: National Workshop